Friday, May 7, 2010

The Butternut Squash Tacos... My Way

I finally got around to making that luscious looking taco recipe.It came out pretty swell, and was super easy. I wonder why I wasted 2 weeks putting it off?

I bought pre-cubed squash from Trader Joe's. I couldn't find the chipotle peppers in adobo, so I just bought some chipotle salsa and used that as a substitute, which helped to make it less dry than it would have been. Used "La Tortilla Factory" corn tortillas -- can't be beat... Don't ever get "mission" brand - they bite.

Next time, I think I'd cube the squash more, probably caramelize some onions first, throw in some currents and black beans and call it a party!

Finally! An End to Those Pesky Dinnertime Dilemmas

I've been looking for a tool such as this:

"What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?"

Could come in handy, if anything for a laugh at least.

Actually, my "old standards" for "aaaack! I forgot to shop and am supposed to serve dinner to two little children in 10 minutes!!!" are:

  • Microwaved fish sticks with ketchup*
  • Microwaved Amy's pizza bites thingies*
  • Microwaved anything else in the freezer*
  • PB&J's*
  • Quesadillas*
  • Cheesy omelets*
  • Canned veggie chili*
*All the aforementioned are usually "served" with: a side of peas / green beans / carrots / whatever's not totally limp, wilted or moldy from fridge

My universal go-to's if I have 20-30 minutes and only pantry / regular fridge fare are:
  • pasta with frozen veggies thrown in for last few minutes, tossed with marinara or chicken stock
  • oven-cooked fish sticks (wicked classy! we pull out all the stops some nights!)
  • veggie chili cooked with frozen ground turkey
What are some of your emergency dinners for little children?