Friday, August 6, 2010

Thumbs Down on Karam's Garlic Sauce

One issue I have with Sriracha sauce is that is can be rather spicy. Normally I like this, but sometimes I just want full-flavored garlic on my food without the spice. I happened across a garlic sauce on the refrigerator shelves of Whole Foods recently. It was pretty pricey - something like $6 for the bottle, but I'll pay a pretty penny for a truly great condiment.

The sauce is "Karam's Garlic Sauce." It has a simple ingredient list - olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper. The problem I have with it is twofold:

A) it basically tastes like any plain old bottled Caesar salad dressing


B) it doesn't hold up when applied to heat - the oil separates.

These two factors combing to make me feel like I'm adding something to a dish that shouldn't be exposed to heat (like salad dressing) and makes me think of mayonnaise that's been sitting around unrefrigerated at some sandwich counter all day. In short, because of the actual texture of the sauce, I can't shake the feeling that I'm eating instant food poisoning.

Apparently there's a cult following behind Karam's sauce and more power to them. I'm sticking with my Sriracha for now and hoping I'll discover the ultimate basic garlic sauce somewhere else.


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  2. you can find at the asian market different brands of sriracha that aren't so spicy, I get one that come in a glass bottle, Shark brand less heat more flavor...

  3. Wow, thanks for the suggestion! We just moved to the Denver area and I've already located the big asian market. Can't wait to investigate and hunt down some sriracha variants.

  4. $6 is "pricey" for a condiment that is not mass produced? Jesus Christ, welcome to the 21st century.

    Also, your review sucks and you are wrong, Karam's Garlic Sauce is tasty. I don't have any issues grilling meat or vegetables that have marinated in Karam's Garlic Sauce. Maybe you don't know how to cook.

  5. Look up a recipe for Lebanese garlic sauce,it's basically the same ingredients, but crazy hot- like pureed, raw garlic hot, not chili pepper hot. It's so addictive.

  6. This type of sauce is not something you'd typically applied to heat. Also, typically with these types of sauces, when applied to heat, it needs to be gentle, and stirring constantly. sometimes the addition of a small dose of hot water or wine helps keeping the fats in place and away from separating. I wouldn't poopoo the sauce right away. Play with it. It can work.

  7. I purchased Karams Garlic Sauce online as I read very very strong commmnets in their website.
    I was expecting the best Garlic sauce ever. However. I just got the product in the mail. I am very disappointed. It does not taste well. It's liquidy. It taste a weird taste. I will never ever buy this again. Waste of $20 for a sauce that does not even taste good.